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IA7306 / SI06278 - Fundamentals of Computational Epidemiology

by Jones Albuquerque last modified 2015-11-19 02:25

This class is part of the activities of the Epischisto Research Group with and CPqAM/FIOCRUZ (


NEWS and Business



For undergratuate students (SI 06278): Class Schedule - Summary


Cellular Automata (Hardcover) ~ Joel L. Schiff (Author) Cover Art tp Livros Epidemiologia & Saúde - Fundamentos, Métodos e Aplicações - Mauricio Lima Barreto ; Naomar de Almeida Filho (8527716194)


    • (17.sep.2015): Implementation of Game of Life with some modifications (states, rules, ...)
    •                      : Implementation of Koch curve to calculate its perimeter and its similarity dimension.
    • (08.oct.2015): My first model of a disease
    • (12.nov.2015): Implementation of the Game of life with the ODEs of your model as rules in the callular automaton and solving the ODEs by Runge-Kutta!
    • (26.nov.2015): Implementation of my Model with solving the ODEs (MATHEMATICA or MATLAB)
    • (10.dec.2015): Projects using Latex (Latex how to install and TEMPLATES, etc...)
    • (17.dec.2015): Implementation with Automata and ODEs
    • (24.dec.2015): Model analysis and parameters analysis
    • (31.dec.2015 or jan.2016): My Full Project for a Journal ()




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